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  Date   Speaker Title Host
Jan. 9 David Ginty Organization and development of neurons that underlie the sense of touch Timothy Mosca
Jan. 16 Peter Crino mTOR and Epilepsy: A Chance for Intervention John Huguenard
Jan. 23 Suzanne Paradis Signaling pathways that instruct rapid changes in neuronal connectivity Anne Brunet
Jan. 30 Caitlin O Connell Rodwell The vibrotactile sense in elephants: lessons for human hearing therapies Anthony Ricci
Feb. 6 Kamil Ugurbil Imaging the Human Connectome: Innovations in Methodology and Initial Results Jin Hyung Lee
Feb. 13 Don Cleveland From Charcot to Lou Gehrig: mechanism and therapy in ALS and beyond. Aaron Gitler
Feb. 20 Michael Ehlers Synaptic Proteolysis, Secretory Trafficking, and Plasticity Genes Sergiu Pasca
Mar. 6 Thomas Schwarz Mitochondrial Movement/Mitochondrial Clearance and Why a Neuroscientist Cares Kang Shen
Mar. 13 Chenghua Gu Cross-talk between nervous and vascular systems in the developing CNS Aaron Gitler
Mar. 20 Nelson Spruston Dendritic Integration, Plasticity, and Diversity in Hippocampal Pyramidal Neurons Alex Goddard
Mar. 27 Rainer Friedrich Neuronal circuits for pattern classification in the olfactory system Jennifer Esch

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